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Welcome to the Iron Realms Nexus Client download page. We offer multiple options for accessing the Nexus Client, ensuring compatibility across various platforms. Please select the appropriate download method based on your device or operating system:

Desktop Downloads

  • Browser Version: Access Nexus directly through your web browser by visiting
  • Windows Desktop Version: Download the Nexus Client for Windows by clicking here.
  • Linux Version: Obtain the Nexus Client for Linux by downloading the tarball here.

Mobile Downloads

  • Android Version: Install the Nexus Client for Android devices from the Google Play Store by following this link.
  • iOS Version: Access the Nexus Client for iOS devices through the Apple App Store by visiting this link.

We greatly appreciate your support and encourage you to contribute to the ongoing development of the Nexus Client. By submitting detailed bug reports, you play a vital role in helping us improve the client's performance and overall user experience. To learn more about how you can assist us by reporting bugs, please refer to our guide: How to Submit Bugs

Thank you for choosing the Iron Realms Nexus Client. Enjoy your immersive gaming experience!