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Getting Help with the Nexus Client

The Iron Realms Nexus client is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but sometimes, you might need assistance or encounter a problem that needs resolving. Here are several ways to seek help: via Discord, submitting a bug report, or sending an email to our support team.

1. Seek Assistance on Discord

Iron Realms has a vibrant Discord community where you can seek immediate assistance. If you have a question or encounter an issue, feel free to post it on the appropriate channel in the Discord server. Fellow players and staff members are typically online and ready to help.

Please remember to be clear and concise when describing your problem to enable others to understand and respond effectively.

If you are not yet a member, you can join the Iron Realms Discord server by clicking the invitation link on the official Iron Realms website or from within the Nexus client itself.

Discord Server Link:

2. Submitting a Bug Report

If you encounter a bug in the Nexus client, it is highly recommended that you report it through the bug tracker. This helps our development team to identify, investigate, and fix issues more efficiently.

You can submit a bug report by following these steps:

1. Access the bug tracker for the appropriate game by using the corresponding URL:

2. Login using your character name and password.

3. Click on "Report Issue".

4. Fill in the necessary details about the bug, including a clear summary and a detailed description of the problem, the steps to reproduce it, and any additional information that may help the development team.

5. Submit the bug report.

Your report will be reviewed, and our team will work to resolve the issue.

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3. Emailing Support

If you're having technical issues or other problems that can't be solved through Discord or by submitting a bug report, you can reach out to the Iron Realms support team directly by sending an email to

When emailing, please provide as much detail as possible about the issue you're experiencing, including any error messages you've received and the steps you've already taken to try to resolve the issue. This will help our support team to understand your problem and provide a suitable solution.

Remember, our team is here to help ensure your gaming experience is enjoyable and smooth. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.