3.0 Variables

From Iron Realms Nexus Client Documentation

You may access the variable options by opening the setting menu and clicking on the 'Variables' button. The settings menu may be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Nexus client.

Variables are storage containers that can hold text, numbers, or other values.

Here are some examples of commonly used variables used to store information from the game:

  • Your current target
  • The item number of your pack
  • How much gold you have in the bank
  • The last person to hit your character

To set a variable, use the following command on the command line or in an alias: @set name value. For example, @set target orc.

Once a variable is set, you can refer to it in aliases and direct command using @name. For example, you could easily make a simple targeting system by creating an alias with Alias text set to t and the Command set to @set t. Then, you would create a separate alias for each attack that you wish to use - for example, an alias with text fl and command cast firelash at @t. With this setup, you could then simply enter t orc to target an orc, and fl to cast firelash at it. Much easier than having to type it all the time by hand!

There may be times when you'll want to use the contents of a variable appended to some more text. In cases like this, you may use @{variablename}<rest of your text>. For example, if you have a variable called @him, which is either "him" or "her" and want to use that as part of "himself" or "herself", you can use @{him}self.

Variables can also be set in the settings interface, on the Variables panel.


Basic Targeting Alias: These aliases use variables to target and attack mobiles.