3.0 Game Client

From Iron Realms Nexus Client Documentation

This page serves as a comprehensive guide to the Nexus Client interface for Iron Realms game worlds. Each game world is navigated through the Nexus Client, which contains a multitude of interactive windows for an immersive gaming experience. We shall explore the different windows of the Nexus Client below.

Output Window

The output window illustrates the game's responses to your inputs and other in-game activities. New outputs appear from the bottom and move upwards.

OutputWindow 01.png


To review the game history, users can scroll using the page-up and page-down keys or the mouse wheel.

Scrollback 01.png

Command Line

This is where users initiate actions in the game by typing commands. The dropdown arrow to the left of the command line shows the recent command history.

The right arrow on the right side serves as an alternative to pressing enter to send the command.

CommandLineWeb 01.png

F-Key Buttons

The F-Key buttons are editable through the settings menu (accessed via the gears icon). Each button corresponds to a specific command that is activated upon clicking the button or pressing the respective F-Key.

ButtonsWeb 01.png


These gauges, located above the buttons, show stats such as health and mana, depending on the game being played.

GaugesWeb 01.png

Balance and Equilibrium Indicators

These indicators, found to the left of the gauges, display your balance and equilibrium status. Note: Not used in Starmourn.

Balance 01.png


Your character avatar, initially set by default, can be customized or replaced by clicking on it.

Avatar 01.png

Map Window

This window indicates your character's current location within the game world. You can navigate by typing directions or by interacting with the elements within this window.

MapWindowWeb 01.png

Map Compass

The Map Compass, located at the top right corner of the main output window, allows for easy navigation. This feature is off by default and can be activated in your settings.

MapCompass 01.png

Character Tab

This window provides an overview of your character's current status, name, basic information, and a list of current afflictions and defenses.

CharacterWindow 01.png

Skills Tab

Displays your current skillsets and individual abilities. Each ability can be expanded for more information.

SkillsWindow 01.png

Inventory Tab

Presents a categorized view of your inventory, with options to expand container items for a detailed view of their contents.

InventoryWindow 01.png

Room Tab

Shows a detailed view of your current room, including other players, NPCs, and items present. Interactions can be initiated by clicking on an item, NPC, or player.

RoomWindow 01.png

Who Tab

Lists all visible players in the game and provides basic HONORS information when a player name is clicked.

WhoWindow 01.png

Quests, Tasks, and Achievement Tabs

Display your quests, tasks, and achievements. Details of these activities can be accessed by clicking on them.

QuestsWindow 01.png

Communications Tab

This window consolidates all chat communication received in the game.

CommWindow 01.png

Status bar

Situated at the bottom of the client, the status bar provides an array of accessible tools and crucial game information.

From left to right, the icons symbolize the following:

  • Help: Provides access to the wiki for assistance.
  • Level: Displays your character's current level and progress towards the next.
  • Gold in Inventory: Indicates the amount of gold your character is carrying.
  • Gold in Bank: Shows the quantity of gold deposited in your character's bank.
  • Ping: Represents your connection speed to our servers. A lower number is better.
  • Current Target: Specifies the player or NPC your character is currently targeting.
  • Messages: If the envelope icon is green, it signifies unread messages.
  • News: A green news icon suggests there are unread news items.
  • Day/Night Indicator: Displays the in-game time of day. Hover over the icon for more details.
  • Full Screen: Clicking the monitor icon enables the client to run in fullscreen.
  • Logging: Allows recording all game output to a text file for future reference.
  • Triggers: The lightning icon toggles all your reflexes on/off.
  • Sound: Manages in-game sound settings.
  • Settings: The gear icon opens the window for adjusting your settings.
  • Refresh Layout: Resets the client to its default layout when clicked.

StatusBar 01.png