3.0 Buttons

From Iron Realms Nexus Client Documentation

You may access the button and F-key options by opening the setting menu and clicking on the 'Buttons' button. The settings menu may be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Nexus client.

The buttons option will allow you to create buttons which may be activated by clicking on them with your mouse, in the Nexus client. Alternatively, they may be activated by pressing one of the F-Keys at the top of your keyboard.

By default, most Iron Realms games will pre-populate your buttons with default commands based on the game and your chosen class or profession in the game world.

However, you can easily change the number of buttons and what commands they issue in this menu.

Button count slider

Use the slider to adjust the number of buttons you want to be displayed or activated in the client. The maximum number of buttons is currently 12.

Enable F-keys

This toggle will turn the F-key option on and off.

Button List

All of the buttons are displayed under the F-key toggle. Click on one of the buttons to configure it.

Button Configuration

Button Text

This is the text that is displayed on the button when viewed in the client.


This is the command you would like sent to the game when you activate the button. Keep in mind you may put aliases in this location as well.


If you would like to run a javascript when the button is activated, put that here.

Expand @tar

The Nexus client will set your target in the game to the @tar variable when you press the tab or shift+tab keyboard buttons.

Restore Defaults

Click this option to restore the button to the game defaults. This is based on your current class or profession when playing an Iron Realms game.j