3.0 advanced scripting

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While the Simplified Scripting system in Nexus 3.0 is designed to cater to the majority of game players with its extensive options, we understand that some users might require more power or specific functions that the Nexus client may not traditionally offer. For these needs, Nexus 3.0 provides the ability to leverage JavaScript for virtually all other tasks.

JavaScript in Nexus 3.0

JavaScript is the primary scripting language utilized by the Nexus client. By understanding and employing JavaScript, you can unlock the full potential of Nexus 3.0 and create a highly personalized gaming experience.


Nexus 3.0 allows you to craft custom JavaScript functions that can be utilized with other reflexes. These custom functions can help you manage complex tasks, automate repeated actions, and further enrich your game interactions.


The game server communicates with the Nexus client using a protocol known as GMCP (Generic Mud Communication Protocol). As an advanced user, you can directly access and interact with this information, allowing you a deeper level of control and customization over your gaming experience.