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Nexus 3.0 Changelog

Nexus 3.0 documentation can be found here.

11th May, 2022

  • Fixed issues with reverted colors

9th May, 2022

  • Added searching into the text editor
  • Some speedups

2nd May, 2022

  • Added ability to display HTML texts from scripts

26th April, 2022

  • Page up/down without shift now scrolls backlog
  • Fixed tasks and quests on some games

22nd April, 2022

  • Mapping updates to fix mudlet's compabitility

20th April, 2022

  • Creation artwork updates

19th April, 2022

  • Add icon support to the mapper, used to display room features (shop, bank, etc)

15th April, 2022

  • Map and creation updates

11th April, 2022

  • Mapper updates

8th April, 2022

  • Small interface fixes

7th April, 2022

  • More mapper fixes

6th April, 2022

  • Interface updates
  • Mapper fixes

5th April, 2022

  • Settings can now be moved out to a separate window
  • Fixed config storage on the desktop version

1st April, 2022

  • Interface fixes

31st March, 2022

  • Fixed the default buttons not loading or working correctly in some cases
  • Fixed the buttons API
  • Clickable URL links should now work

30th March, 2022

  • Shortcuts with modifiers should now save correctly
  • Double-click and triple-click selections should work again
  • The 'escape' key now closes help windows
  • Fixed a color issue with visited links
  • Fixed the event reflex type

28th March, 2022

  • Mapping updates

24th March, 2022

  • Editor interface updates
  • Fixed a problem with MXP links not working

23rd March, 2022

  • Changed how anonymous logins work - the client now requests a session key instead of remembering the password for the duration of the connection (account logins already did this).

22nd March, 2022

  • Keybindings no longer trigger if the active element is inside a dialog
  • Typing while no other element has focus now automatically moves focus to the input line (mimics behavior of v2)

21st March, 2022

  • Layouting fixes
  • Added ability to enable and disable tabs
  • Simple scripting: labels should now work correctly
  • Simple scripting: The repeat action should now work correctly
  • Simple scripting: fix function listing for "Call Function"

18th March, 2022

  • Render map buildings correctly
  • Fixed a problem with sound volume being too high
  • Interface fixes

17th March, 2022

  • Support reordering of packages

16th March, 2022

  • fixes

11th March, 2022

  • support display of special exits

8th March, 2022

  • map updates to enable exploration mode

24th February, 2022

  • fix tab targeting
  • fix crash when adding an alias
  • fix the Modify Variable action
  • fix GMCP echos
  • fix persistent map tooltips

23rd February, 2022

  • New API functions to interact with layouts
  • API for channel interaction
  • Fix channels

22nd February, 2022

  • Fix problems with variable loading

21st February, 2022

  • Web/desktop: significant improvements to layouting - tabs can be organized much better than previously

15th February, 2022

  • Scripting compatibility updates
  • Mobile: fix a problem with the client freezing if it disconnects while not active

11th February, 2022

  • Mobile scrolling fixes
  • More work on input line behavior (mobile)

10th February, 2022

  • Linter and script compatibility improvements

9th February, 2022

  • Improve command sending behavior on mobile - the keyboard should no longer jump around

7th February, 2022

  • Bug fixing

3rd February, 2022

  • Fixed shift-scrolling
  • Escape key closes some dialogs
  • Fixed HTML logging issues
  • Fixed creation on achaea

2nd February, 2022

  • compass fixes
  • mobile reflex editor fixes

1st February, 2022

  • scripting compatibility updates - added client, GMCP, more
  • better script error reporting
  • Mobile: composer and text window fixes

31st January, 2022

  • scripting compatibility updates
  • interface fixes
  • support for changing interface font size