Configuration Options

From Iron Realms Nexus Client Documentation

Reset the UI

If you've screwed up your UI and can't recover, just click the circular arrow in the lower-right of the client.

Open the Settings window

You probably know this by now! Just click the gears icon in the lower-right.

Display the in-game prompt

If you're old-school and want to see an in-game prompt (HELP PROMPT in game for options), you first open the settings window (gears icon in lower right) and then you:

  1. Unclick the box that says, "Do not show any prompt lines at all.'
  2. If there's a checkbox in 'Only show the last status/prompt line received' then you will only see a prompt at the bottom of the output window (recommended).
  3. If there's nothing in that checkbox, then you'll see a prompt between every chunk of output (seems needlessly spammy, but some people like it).

Show item numbers on room and inventory lists

Sometimes you want to see the item numbers in room and inventory lists. Just open the settings window and then click on the 'Show item numbers on room/inventory lists' box.

Remove (or add back in) the blank lines separating game output

If you'd like to remove the blank lines between chunks of output in order to fit more text on screen, you can open settings and then uncheck the 'Add extra padding between messages' box.

See timestamps in either the main window or scrollback windows

You can do this by opening the settings window and selecting the relevant options on the initial settings page, under 'Extras'.

Show help files in-line rather than in their own floating windows

Just open the settings window and uncheck the 'Show HELP files in a new window' option.

Hide chat that shows in the communication window from the main window

By default, communication goes both to the main output window and the communication window. If you'd like it to only go to the comm window, open up the settings window and click 'Hide all chat messages in the main window if they are shown in another tab.'

Disable tooltips

Just uncheck the display tooltips box on the front page of settings.

Change the font or font size

  1. Open the settings window (gears icon in the lower-right)
  2. Adjust the Display Font and Font Size via the labeled drop-down boxes.

Make your gauges and fkeys narrower

Just check the relevant option in settings.

Other client skins

You can change your client skin by going into the Settings menu. There are quite a few configuration options there, and it has its own wiki page.