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(Editing Reflexes in a Package)
(Editing Reflexes in a Package)
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* Click on the dropdown menu under 'Reflexes'
* Click on the dropdown menu under 'Reflexes'
* Select the package you want to view and edit.
* Select the package you want to view and edit.

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Reflex Packages are a group of settings that have been saved and made available to export or import to other characters.

For example, I may create a system of basic trigger and aliases that could be used for bashing mobs in the game. I want to export these settings so I can share them with my other character or even other players.

The following steps detail how to make reflex package, how to export it, and how to import it.

Creating and Exporting a New Package

Creating a new package is very simple and can be done in three easy steps.

Step 1: Checkbox the Settings

To being creating a new package you can click the checkmarks next to the settings you wish to have in the package.


Step 2: Click Create Package

Once you have checked everything, click the 'Create package' button located beneath the list of reflexes.


Step 3: Confirm and Download

You will then have a popup window in your browser that will allow you to name your package and confirm that you are done by clicking 'OK'.

Your browser will automatically download this package after you click 'OK'. In Chrome, it will appear at the bottom of the browser. This may be different depending on your operating system and browser.


Note that the file is saved as a .nxs file. This is short for 'Nexus'.


Importing a Package

Importing a package is a drag and drop, one step process. Simply click the 'Reflex Packages' tab and drag the .nxs file to the 'Import Reflex Package' area. These reflexes will now work automatically with your client.


Notice that once you have done this, the package will be listed in the 'Reflex Packages' section.


Adding to an Existing Package

Editing a Package

Editing Reflexes in a Package

Editing reflexes in a package is as simple as editing any other reflex.

  • Click on the 'Reflexes' tab.
  • Click on the dropdown menu under 'Reflexes'
  • Select the package you want to view and edit.