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The Iron Realms Nexus Client

Welcome to the official documentation wiki for the Iron Realms Nexus client.

This documentation details how to configure the client basics including sound settings, window arrangement, and map settings.

You can also learn how to create basic reflexes. Reflexes can help automate parts of the game with triggers, aliases, keybinds, and variables. The Nexus client has a Simplified Scripting which allows for easy creation of complex systems. Nexus also supports javascript as part of our advanced scripting options.

Another option for advanced scripting is use of GMCP. GMCP sends basic data from the game to the client behind the scenes. Data such as inventory, health, room items, and more can be tracked with advanced scripting.

Tutorial Videos

Recommended for new players. A just under 7 minute tutorial thoroughly covering all the features of the client accessible from the main page. Does not include much about the extensive Settings window.

Recommended for experienced players. A just over 2 minute tutorial for experienced MUD users running down the client features that may not be immediately obvious, such as how to turn off the gauges, using tab-targeting, adding extra communication tabs, and reconfiguring the layout of windows and tabs.


  • Main Client.
  • Settings Window.
  • Floating Help Window.
  • Room Information.
  • Map Window
  • Quest Information.

Need Help?

Our games can be confusing for new players at first. If you need help, you can ask right in the game on the newbie channel. Just type the command newbie, followed by your question.

For example: newbie Can someone help me?

Each of the games has people who are there specifically to help new players, so feel free to ask whatever you need to on the newbie channel. If those dedicated helpers aren't around, other players in the game will see any questions you enter here and will normally be more then happy to assist you.

If that doesn't work, you might try asking on the forums for that game (see below).

And of course, you can always look for the answer in our extensive HELP systems. Just type HELP to see the directory and instructions.

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