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Save and load client settings

  1. Open the settings window (gears icon in the lower-right)
  2. Click 'Save Client Settings' at the top right to save your current settings to the server.
  3. Click 'Load Settings from Server' to load the settings saved on the server.

This lets you save a setup you like, then mess around however you'd like, and then, by loading the settings, restore your previous settings.

Adjust the music volume, or turn it off

Speaker icon.jpg Just use the little control that looks like a speaker in the lower-right. Click and adjust the slider.

Tab targeting - target things using the tab key

You can cycle between denizen (but not player) targets in the room with you by simply hitting tab. You'll see the target change on the bottom of the client, directly underneath the input box.

You'll also see the target highlighted in the 'room' window in the upper-right.

Note that in general, tab targeting will attempt to avoid targeting pets, guards, and a few other types of creatures that you generally wouldn't want to attack accidentally.

PvP tab targeting: You can tab-target players by doing tab-space to cycle through players.

You can zoom out quite a bit with the map.

Command completion

Just shift-tab to complete a partly-typed out command from your buffer of past commands. This may not work with some Chrome installs, as some of them use shift-tab.

Zoom in or out of the map

Hover over the map and slowly use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Send a command's output to a floating window

Simply type WINDOW <command> and the output of whatever is in <command> will be sent to a floating window. Very handy for things like reading long letters, logs, and so on.

Toggle logging on or off

Logging icon.jpg Click the paper & pen icon in the lower-right to start a log. When you click it again to turn it off, you'll be presented with an option to save the log.

Toggle scripts on or off

Scripts icon.jpg You can toggle your scripts on or off using the lightning bolt icon in the lower-right.

Give feedback on the client

The best way to give us feedback on the client (bugs, ideas, etc) is to open the settings window and use the Feedback tab. Thanks!