F-Keys, Gauges, and Avatars

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F-Keys, Gauges, and Avatar

Reprogram the f-keys

  1. Open the settings window - it's the little gears icon in the lower-right hand corner.
  2. Select the f-key you want to change.
  3. Alter it to what you want.
  4. Use @tar to substitute for the target you'd normally use. So to make KICK kick your current target, you would put in kick @tar.
  5. Label the button whatever you want in the Text field.
  6. Ignore the 'Script' field for now.

The buttons tab in the settings window.

Note that you can also change how many f-keys you have here.

[Achaea only]: If you put a command from Battlerage on an f-key, it will highlight automatically when you have enough Rage and it's not in cooldown.

Changing your avatar.

Switch between narrow and wide f-keys and gauges

  1. Open the settings window - the little gears icon in the lower-right hand corner.
  2. Toggle the 'reduced gauge height' option.

Turn off or on the f-keys, gauges, and avatar

Simply right-click and then toggle on or off the options you wish.

Change your avatar

Right-click on the avatar and then you can either select one from the pre-loaded options or click the 'Upload' link at the bottom of the window and upload your own.