3.0 Windows and Tabs

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Rearrange Windows

In the Browser and Desktop versions of the client, users may quickly and easily rearrange and resize all of the windows, columns, and tabs in the client with standard drag-and-drop procedures.

Hide and Show Windows

You can hide or show all the windows in the game with the exception of the output window and command line. You can access this menu by right-clicking anywhere on the client and selecting the window you would like to toggle on or off.

Note that you can open separate communication windows for all of your character's organizations in the game.

Move tabs from one window to another

Simply click and drag the tab from one window to another. Optionally you can move windows into new columns or rows. The feature is very intuitive and will allow you to create a wide variety of layouts very quickly.

Hide columns and rows

You can reduce the number of columns or rows in the client by just hiding windows with the right-click menu or by dragging all of the tabs into a different column or row.

See the scrollback for the main window or a communication window

Hover over the window in question and just scroll up/down with the mouse or use page-up and page-down.

Reset the client layout

If you need to reset the client layout to the default, just click the "Reset UI" button in the bottom right of the client.