Nexus 3.0

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Nexus 3.0

Iron Realms Entertainment is in the process of a major Nexus update. Nexus 3.0 will be a cross-platform client that offers a consistent experience on desktop and mobile platforms.

New Feature List

  • Desktop and mobile applications.
  • Speed and responsiveness improvements.
  • Access all IRE games from a single client.
  • Adjust settings while not logged in with your character.
  • Character management screens.
  • Auto-login options.
  • Improved character creation
  • Connect to and play other MUDs

Future Plans

The development of Nexus will be ongoing. Here is a list of upcoming, planned features.

  • Improved VI support.
  • Messaging and News support when not logged in. (currently done in the unsupported IRE Helper App)
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • Implement Awesome Fonts completely for items, afflictions, and defenses. Producers can call which one is displayed game-side with the awesome font name, instead of our renamed versions.
  • Lua support.
  • Improve simplified and advanced scripting. Particularly for power users.
  • Improve display for Who and Skill tabs.
  • Party, Help, and News Tabs
  • Improved Avatars. Displayed in chat, party tabs, etc.
  • Improve the character select screen (basic character info, level, credits, etc)

Client Downloads

We are currently doing open beta testing for the browser, desktop, and android versions of the client. They are located here:

How to Submit Bugs

Please submit all bugs to the websites listed below. All of the following websites use the same database, but they allow you to log in as your character to submit bug reports.

There is an option to submit feedback in the client. Please do not use this. Use the websites listed above to submit bugs as it will allow you to see if the bug has been submitted already.

You can find a changelog here:

Nexus 3.0 Documentation

Listed below is the current documentation for Nexus 3.0. The documentation is a work in progress and will be updated heavily during the beta testing process.

The Basics

Client Settings