Nexus 3.0

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Nexus 3.0 is a cross-platform MUD client that offers a consistent experience on desktop and mobile platforms.

New Feature List

  • Desktop and mobile applications. Download them here
  • Speed and responsiveness improvements.
  • Access all IRE games from a single client.
  • Adjust settings while not logged in with your character.
  • Character management screens.
  • Auto-login options.
  • Improved character creation
  • Connect to and play other MUDs

Future Plans

The development of Nexus will be ongoing. Here is a list of upcoming, planned features.

  • Improved VI support.
  • Messaging and News support when not logged in. (currently done in the unsupported IRE Helper App)
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • Implement Awesome Fonts completely for items, afflictions, and defenses. Producers can call which one is displayed game-side with the awesome font name, instead of our renamed versions.
  • Improve simplified and advanced scripting. Particularly for power users.
  • Improve display for Who and Skill tabs.
  • Party, Help, and News Tabs
  • Improved Avatars. Displayed in chat, party tabs, etc.
  • Improve the character select screen (basic character info, level, credits, etc)

Important Links

Nexus 3.0 Documentation

The following links describe how to use the Nexus Client.

Note: The client documentation is still a work in progress and is missing information.

The Basics

Client Settings